Bellingham Reflections

Bellingham Reflections from Wallace Ross on Vimeo.

I you want to view this video in HD you will need to click on HD or the Vimeo logo and view it at Vimeo.

All images where shot with the Pentax K-7 and are jpegs directly from the camera with settings to mimic BW film.

2 Responses to “Bellingham Reflections”

  • Carol B Says:

    Wallace I love this! Strong 70’s funk flavor. Really enjoyed the music, too–did you compose that? It enhances the images beautifully. You are so talented.

  • Wallace Says:

    Thank you, yes I composed the music, however it has become very easy to do it with current software and my skill as far as music is mainly the fact that I have two ears. And yes I know having ears is more of an attribute than a skill, point made.

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