Oil painting brush cleaner.

I think there comes a time for every painter when they inadvertently forget to wash their brushes properly after using them.  I am not that artist, I am the one who forgets repeatedly.  So having a few brushes that required some care, I bought some brush cleaner.  I’ve obscured the label for the benefit of my imaginary sponsors.


I’m always somewhat skeptical when it comes to claims of non toxicity and efficacy.  It elicits the same response as a late night ad for knives that cut through steel and  they can still cut a tomato “this thin”.  In my slightly industrialized world if it doesn’t require a respirator how could it possibly work.  Well it does,  in a matter of minutes dried oil paints were dissolved and brushes were “restored”.


I was amazed, so amazed in fact that I had to know just how it worked.  So like Toto I pulled back the curtain, actually I downloaded the MSDS sheet for it.  And behold I had been sucked in as assuredly as  if I had ordered those knives in three easy installments.  Ethanol 1000 ppm,  What?  It’s alcohol and it’s only 0.175 proof, no wonder it’s non toxic and the label doesn’t say what the active ingredient is.  Oh well it worked and that’s all that matters but if I ever run out of this stuff I might try a martini.

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