Photography find and battery bliss

I’m always on the lookout for obscure photography items I can use or put on display so I hit the jackpot here.  I picked this stuff up from an antique shop for about the cost of one of the batteries at a store.  I’ve already put a hard to find battery into my Canon 110ED camera and will also put that roll of 110 in the picture into it too.    The old vials of developer are going to go on display along with the empty box of Kodak sheet film.

2 Responses to “Photography find and battery bliss”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Do these batteries last so long that you get utility out of them? Or are they new batteries and I am just being misled by the fact that you got them from an antique shop?

  • Wallace Says:

    They are new batteries that they must have gotten them in a lot from some store that closed or something similar

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