It was bound to happen.

I received a message from the local camera store Lens and Shutter that there was developed film ready for me to pick up.  That’s good because I did have a vague notion that I had  film out for developing.  The thing was I couldn’t remember where I had taken it and with what camera so I was doubly surprised when I got there and was informed that not only was there one roll of film but two.  I’m hoping that when I look at the scanned images it will jog my memory but they did have a good suggestion for me to take a picture of the camera in a mirror next time. 

I can tell that one was shot with a fixed focal length lens and the other a zoom.  Ahhhhh, the Ricoh FF3, now I just need to figure out the other one. 

Meanwhile……..first roll scanned and it wasn’t until I actually laid eyes on the Konica Lexio 70  on my shelf that I remembered it was the second camera and roll.  Good I’m glad that’s over, it was like hearing a song that you just couldn’t remember the title to.  I will post about these cameras soon because they aren’t as forgettable as it seems.

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