Logs and more (iPad 3 image editing)

I thought I would post these images from today that I took it with the Pentax K-7 and processed on the iPad with Snapseed.  While not an ideal workflow I imported the  images into Lightroom as this is still the way that I am able to manage the images best.  I then sorted and selected a few for further editing on the iPad.  To put them on the iPad I use Lightroom’s publish feature to put them in a specific folder for this purpose. That folder is synced to my iPad by iTunes.  Once the images are on the iPad it’s as simple as sitting down on the couch and editing. 

Now the only problem this creates is that if I import them back into Lightroom I will have what appear to be RAW files and edited versions of them renamed by the iPad.  For now I am goint to tag them on import until I can figure out a better way.  For reference the iPad 3 has no problems editing these  full resolution DNG files but at this point they are being reduced in resolution from 4672 x 3104 down to 4096 x 2721 which I haven’t figured out as yet.  Using the iPad is certainly a fun way to edit files and allows for more comfortable seating, now where is my coffee?

Taking pictures today was entirely for fun with Duncan of  DLTphotographic and am looking forward to seeing his images too because despite being in the same locations I think we took images of different things.  Of course the exception would be the few times the pursuit to fill our cell phones with pictures caused overlap, and I didn’t even see the pile of rail spikes.

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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    I wish Snapseed would integrate Dropbox, it would make life so much easier and maybe I’d even get around to using it 🙂 It seems like Photoshop for ipad also has a resolution limitation.

    I am not overly keen on snapseed though, mostly because I like to process my images my way, but have done some good stuff with it (although you do start with significantly superior images to most of the people who just ramp the effects up to 11 on inferior photos).

  • Wallace Says:

    I wonder if Apple maybe doesn’t allow Dropbox integration because of their iCloud service. This is all very new to me as I just received my iPad but it’s a fun interface for playing with images. It certainly doesn’t replace Lightroom or lend itself to being used seamlessly in my workflow.

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