Cell phone milestone, 2000 images

I’ve reached another milestone in my cell phone image postings. I have gone past 2000 images and have many more to go.  One unfortunate side effect of my work-flow is that it generates duplicates.  My solution to this was to export all the images to a thumb-drive and to then run a piece of software called Visipics.  What this software does is find all the duplicates and provide the option of deleting the second copy. The reason for the thumb-drive relates to my not wanting to run the software on the original files until I fully understood the software.   It did an amazing job as I ran it several times while adjusting settings, each time allowing the software to look deeper at the images for duplicates with minor variations.  You do need to use some caution as if you use too lenient a setting it can pair images that are very similar but still unique.  You can see the result of my cell phone image progress here. Cell zoom  I still need to add a few more to create an even 2400 and to replace some with better images.  The most difficult part will be locating any remaining duplicates as this is like a giant game of Memory, fortunately the cards are turned over.

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  • Tamara Says:

    I think you should make the collage into one big picture. You know, those pictures within pictures…that would be much cooler 😉 Congrats on your million and a half photos – since I know that you probably took 20 times more than you actually even posted! Hats off!!!

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Impressive tally Wallace. I’ve been reading opinions of a number of pros who are very dismissive of cellphone photography, but I think some people, like yourself, do make art with their phones.

  • Wallace Says:

    Thanks Tamara, I’ve done photo mosaics and while cool I don’t want to diminish what I have here. It really is about overwelming the viewer visually not giving them an easy out. And yes I do take many more than I post but a million is stretching it 🙂

  • Wallace Says:

    Thank you Nikhil, cell phone photography to me is a sub catagory of photography and is valid as such. It cannot replace professional photographers so I’m not sure what they have against it. Because of phones millions of people are taking pictures this really is the age of the documented life. There is a lot to think about so I just take pictures .

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