So I’ve managed to post 1000 cell phone pictures to Mytubo in the last 4 months.  It’s been an interesting exercise made all the more fun through some friendly ribbing back in forth with Duncan Turner of DLT photographic.  I’m slightly disillusioned at the same time I’ve been enlightened.  In general people like pretty pictures and don’t like to be challenged.  You need to visually slap people upside the head with a kitten to get attention. I’m not just lamenting the fact that some of my better images go unnoticed while formulaic pleasant ones get lots of likes and often become hot pics it’s the same for everyone. I have a better understanding of how my images are viewed and understood or misunderstood. 

 I think as a painter I create a lot of images that are really about the masses of colour and division of the image plane but most people there expect photographs to be about something making these images appeal to a much smaller audience.  I do now have a large library of cell phone pictures all composed for the square which will fit together nicely in a mosaic.  I’m not done either I may even pick up the pace.

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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Sadly, I know exactly how you feel. In my case the offender is instagram. It can be a bit difficult to see a snapshot of a coffee mug with 300 likes in the feed next to a decent shot of yours with 0 likes 🙂

    That image of yours in this post, a fascinating study of form and colour, would never pass muster. Too challenging. Can’t fault other people for not wanting to be challenged though. The photos I post are my choice, I accept (and I’m sure you do too) that I can’t force people to like them.

    You can check mine out here http://photography.badlightgoodlight.com/instagram (I did a gallery to show my non-iphone wielding friends 🙂 I haven’t done as well as you, but I am beginning to really love the square frame.

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