Film preset for Lightroom

All of these shots except the apple were done with the Pentax SMC A 28mm lens on the Pentax K10D.  For the apple I used the SMC A 70-210 F4.  The 28mm on my APSC cameras gives an equivalent field of view as a 42mm lens would on 35mm film, which lies somewhere between the 35mm of many film point and shoots and the 50mm “normal” prime that came with many film SLR’s.   Once in lightroom I played around with the images trying to get a film like look based on other shots I took that day with the Pentax MV and 400 ISO film.  Between using the older glass and the processing I think I created images that look like they could have come from a film point and shoot camera which was my intent.  The preset can be downloaded by right clicking on the link and selecting save as.  Wkoopmans Colour Film P&S template  One of the problems with creating this preset is adding the grain.  Lightroom added the ability to introduce grain to an image with Lightroom 3 but it is a simple solution that works best with black and white film.  The grain of colour film is more complex with different amounts of colour mottling that Lightroom has no answer for.


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  • Tamara Says:

    Suggest erasing some of the effect over certain areas of the photo on some of the shots, as grain in film is not always as visible in well exposed areas as in underexposed areas. ie. less grain on the apple and more on the background – if that makes sense. But great effect overall. Very difficult to tell the difference in many of those shots!

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Thanks for this Wallace, it looks really good. Very close to what I would expect (and I love the shot of the bench against the blue wall).

  • Wallace Says:

    Thanks, the grain is the weakest link. I played with the images film and digital side by side and came up with this. Of course this is a starting point and each image should get individual treatments.

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