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Two things are happening here I am posting some images of green things and I’m using you as a guinea pig to test out a flash gallery.  Thank you for your unwitting cooperation.  The thing is I have thousands of images on my blog and mostly they get mentioned and then fade away as I post even more.  So after the suggestion of Nikhil Ramkarran to have my prints grouped together I’ve decided to create some galleries starting with my acll phone pictures.  The first effort in that pursuit is to present the images of  this blog post using a gallery that I created in Lightroom.

If you click on the image bellow you will be presented with a flash gallery of green’ness.  The point of this is that it will allow me to easily control and update my galleries through Lightroom without needing to do anything with my blog.

I realize that by doing this I am currently excluding iPhone users but that is an Apple issue not mine, I can’t tailor my site just to suit one handset, sorry maybe in the iPhone 6.

UPDATE  before I even posted this I have created the gallery for my cell phone images which can be found under links on the right.  Cell Phone Image Gallery

4 Responses to “Green Gallery”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Thanks for the mention Wallace, the gallery looks great and is a significant step up from the way you posted your photos a little while ago. That second to last photo of the tree; absolutely stunning!

  • Nathan Stitt Says:

    Browsing and viewing the images works really well. I prefer to be able to click on images and view them in a larger size which I was unable to do with this style of display. If this was intentional then I think you have a winner here. Also, I second the comment about the tree image, the moss on upper surfaces of the limbs are really well captured.

  • Duncan Says:

    wonderful…. but what about yellow?

  • Wallace Says:

    Yellow is just for me.

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