RIP photo apps.

I would like to celebrate the birth and death of photo apps all at once.  Nothing brings a fad to a quick end like overuse.  I should disclose my hypocrisy right up front, one of the first pieces of software I downloaded to my new phone was a photo app that adds that alternative process look to an image and makes sharing it online simple.  And that’s the part I really like,the ease of sharing, but not every image needs to have an added layer of  faux  film.  I’m sure that millions of pictures are yet to be taken and processed this way but a little restraint couldn’t hurt.  Now I’m off to the app store.

3 Responses to “RIP photo apps.”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    I have spent quite a lot of money on various photo processing effects in the past. And while they do sometimes have interesting things to add I find I very rarely use any of them anymore.

    I think if there is little that is interesting in the photo in the first place, plastering a filter over it is unlikely to change things much.

    On the other hand, some images do need creative filtering/processing to bring out their inner glory. 🙂

  • Duncan Says:

    Amen to that….Overuse, your exactly right. every now and again is ok. I just looked at a Photogs site and ALL of his blog images have the same action applied to them all. I couldnt find one NORMAL colour shot. sad really.

  • Wallace Says:

    I’m no angel I regularly distort my colours and make other adjustments but I usually do it with purpose. I also do experiments which reminds me that I’m do for a polaroid shot.

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