RAW processing

So just how much processing can you apply to a RAW file, apparently quite a lot.   I took this shot and thought I liked the bluishness of the white balance but once I got it into the computer it was a different story and I wanted something different with more punch.  I really don’t think I could have successfully manipulated this image so much had it been a JPEG out of the camera.

4 Responses to “RAW processing”

  • Duane Says:

    Can’t you export the first RAW to JPG and try to create the second image? You know, for sake of argument.

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    No way you would have gotten both the white and the yellow this good if it had been a jpeg. Nice photo too 🙂

  • Duncan Says:

    Did you process these in-camera??? would have been nice to see the jpeg, in-camera and the “through Computer”…

  • Wallace Says:

    No the processing was in Lightroom, however the in camera RAW processing after the fact with Pentax cameras is very good but the interface is not as convenient. I was commenting on if I had shot originally in jpeg only.

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