Why I shoot RAW

I shoot RAW with my DSLR and my compact camera, because it allows me to get the maximum out of the sensors with the most up to date processing.  Shooting jpeg sets the image processing with what is available at the time by the camera manufacturer and usually doesn’t allow for much improvement.  Here are some comparison images at 100% magnification both between RAW and Jpeg and comparing the Sony DSC-V3 to my Pentax K-7.  I did these tests for my self but thought I would share the results no matter how esoteric.

Sony DSC-V3 100ISO RAW vs jpeg   (File size 1.16 Mbyte)

Sony DSC-V3 800ISO jpeg vs RAW   (File size 1.4 Mbyte)  This is where the differences are most apparent

DSC-V3 vs Pentax K-7 at 100 ISO  Both RAW

2 Responses to “Why I shoot RAW”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Didn’t anyone mention to you that its dangerous to start discussing religion? 🙂 This is an issue of religious significance with some people.

    I shoot RAW also, not only because it is possible to extract a greater degree of image quality but because no matter how well sorted the various algorithms designed by an engineer in Japan are, I like to make my own choices as to how the image will look.

    Of course, other people prefer to be out taking photos rather than tied to their computer processing images, I can respect that too.

  • Wallace Says:

    I just consider the computer the final part of the process, just like using an enlarger and making adjustments with film. I do care more about the image than the method but when the difference can be so great it seems foolish to not do what is so easy.

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