Ultrafine Colouruption in the Konica Auto S3


I bought a few rolls of what Photo Warehouse calls “Ultrafine Colouruption”  Now I’m not complaining because I did expect strange results but the name is a bit of a misnomer as it’s more of a “Mute-elation”.  Inspecting the film edge it becomes clear that this film is actually ORWO NC3  the “NC” apparently stands for Negative Colour, I’m not sure what the 3 means yet but if its a quality scale that goes to ten I think 3 is being generous.  This film apparently hasn’t been manufactured for years and was originally intended as movie film and likely came in canister with a label much like this.


Thanks for the use of the image The Vintage Europe

The film also apparently has a different developing process than C41.  Without it can you really call this a colour film?  Many of the pictures seem to be bereft of any colour other than a cyan cast while some others have a few selective colours that survive in particular green.  Overall I would describe the colours  as muddy. The closest comparison I can think of is the look of faded slides like Anscochrome   Any way you look at it this is a strange film that behaves like nothing else I know.  Ultrafine has it listed as 25 ISO but I suspect you could use a lower setting yet.

I’m also not saying its this films fault (It’s not) but my Konica Auto S3 died half way through the roll.  Repairing it is another post though.  Konica Auto S3 Battery Holder repair

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