Konica Auto S3 battery holder repair


I was in the middle of shooting a roll of Ultrafine Colouruption film which I received from Photo Warehouse when my Konica Auto S3 stopped working.  Despite my disappointment I wasn’t going to waste a roll of film so I rewound it and loaded it into my Fuji half frame Fujica Drive but that will be another story.  Back to my now dead Konica S3.  The S3 has an electronic shutter so will not operate without batteries or in this case power (There were fresh batteries in it).  I suspected that it was the battery holder primarily because of that lack of power.  The first order of business was to remove the bottom plate which is held in place with just 3 screws.


While there is evidence of a little bit of corrosion it doesn’t look too bad so I need to go deeper and remove the holder itself.


And now its pretty clear what’s happened.  One of the battery cables has come completely off with all the corrosion that was hidden underneath.


Next I cleaned all the corrosion off and prepared to solder a new piece of wire to the end of the existing lead.


What a struggle it was to get the solder to adhere to the battery tab.  In the image above you can see that the solder has formed a little blob around the cable.  This is not a sufficient connection.  After more flux and frustration I finally managed to get a good solder joint and put it back together.


And now I have my Konica Auto S3 back and working.  Its such a joy to use I’m looking forward to putting some more film through it.


One thing about one camera:  The Konica Auto S3 was claimed to have the first built in daylight flash synchronization.  With the Konica X-20 flash mounted you would line up the flash needle with the exposure needle and the light would be balanced. 

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  • mike reitsma Says:

    Wallace, Thanks for your summary of the fix for your Auto S-3. I got one at tag sale for $5 with exactly the same problem. I’m still trying to solder the wire to that little clip. I think the metallurgy of it (some kind of spring steel) tends to reject soldering. I sure lots of them came out of the factory with a latent problem at that connection. Congratulations on your success. Mike Reitsma

  • Corbett Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this post and a great blog overall. I had the exact same issue with a Konica Auto S3 that I found at an estate sale and just fixed it with your guide. Soldered my first wire and that damn thing came back to life! Keep up the good work!

  • John Osterholm Says:

    I would ove to find a replacement battery cover for the Auto S 3. It is plastic and it was damaged when I bought the camera and unfortunately I made it worse. Do you know of any other camers tat might have the same cover?

  • Wallace Says:

    I’m sorry John I don’t have a ready answer as I haven’t tried to use a different battery holder for that camera but so many of them are similar that it may be a matter of using the damaged one to compare against others as you come across them. I would not give up on the S3 though it is an excellent camera.

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