Film Ferrania Solaris in the Braun Super Paxette


I really like the postage stamp edges the Braun Super Paxette creates on the film, so much so that most of the time I don’s crop them off.


I first tried this roll of expired Ferrania Solaris in my Ricoh R1 which first spools the film out and then brings it back in with each exposure but something about it caused the R1 to have a fit likely because it had been in the canister for so long that it didn’t want to come out (That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it)  So the two frames are from the R1 and then its all Super Paxette. Paxette_Solaris

The downside was that I had to pack around the Solaris on my trip until I could get back home and pull the film leader out of the cartridge to give it another try in a much more mechanical camera.

RicohR1_Solaris_July2017_001 RicohR1_Solaris_July2017_002

The Solaris gives a particular expired film look that could be mistaken for cross processing if it were a little more prominent, however it still retained contrast and relatively fine grain which hasn’t always been the case for cheap films I’ve shot long after their expiration date.


The Seadragon gallery is best view in full screen mode.

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