Beaver lodge, Fraser River.

While photographs should be able to speak for themselves it doesn’t hurt to have an understanding of what the artist intended. Yes this is an image of a beaver lodge in an uncommon place, at the same time it is an image of the construction work going on on the other side of the river. All that shields the natural world here from subjugation is a thin band of water.  There is little point in re iterating how we are encroaching on the habitat of animals we are long past that in most cases but the question should be now what do we do.  Do we accept there disappearance from where we live or do we provide some territory for them so that we might retain a connection to them and the land, to our benefit as much as theirs.  This year near my home two areas of  wild grasses and flowers I photographed have been cleared for a new shopping mall and a townhouse development surely displacing whatever small mammals and birds lived there and the owls that preyed on them.

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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    It is a never ending fight that people who appreciate our natural surroundings are slowly losing. We are the most successful animal, at least partly because we have the ability to alter our environment to suit ourselves. But with greater and greater population growth, that ability is surely going to be our downfall also.

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