Fujica Flash Date


The Fujica Flash Date is one of those mid to late 1970’s cameras that had incorporated auto exposure but was yet to see auto focus.  Later similar models did have autofocus but this one uses simple zone focusing.  The 38mm f2.8 lens is quite free of distortion especially when the exposure system stops the aperture down a little, but even wide open there is only a small amount of softness in the extreme corners of the image.

There is a sliding switch on the back of the camera with Japanese writing which I can no translate but its purpose appears to be to over-ride the slow shutter speed lock out so that you can trip the shutter even when its chosen a speed that is too slow to handhold.


Setting the date is done using three dials on the top plate of the camera (Day/Month/Year)  When turned on the date is also briefly made visible in the viewfinder at the time of exposure.


(40 years of accumulated ‘stuff’ from the bottom of a camera bag is not very appealing to look at, I think I will give this camera a clean) 

The results are often a slightly askew glowing numerals.


Some sample images from the Fujica Flash Date using expired Fujicolor 200

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