Harrison West with the Rolleiflex one year later


As I mentioned in a previous post I returned to the Harrison West area to photograph the aftermath and regrowth post wildfire. Each time I took along my Rolleiflex TLR both for its large medium format negative and because for this slower tripod set up its a joy to look at the image your composing on the ground glass.  Originally I had intended to set up the camera in the exact same location and view but I forgot to bring along the previous image so I composed the second one from memory.  Just the same you can see that the forest has begun the process of regrowth.


Some further images.  While the elapsing of one year is interesting I look forward to seeing greater changes in the future.  In some areas you can see that an effort has already been made to plant new trees among the charred remnants of the previous forest.


In the following case I took the second image not even remembering having taken an image of that particular log previously.


And finally other images from that roll of 12

Rolleiflex_Ektar100_2016_009 Rolleiflex_Ektar100_2016_010 Rolleiflex_Ektar100_2016_011 Rolleiflex_Ektar100_2016_012

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