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FujiDLMIniZoom-2681Just some more nonsense with expired film and the Fuji DL mini zoom a questionable combination.  The main problem with expired film is its loss of sensitivity and when you put it into a camera with DX coding there is no effective way to compensate for the changes to the film.  When possible I tend to expose expired film 1 to 2 stops more but in this case it wasn’t possible and this is the result.  Underexposed grainy film with little detail recorded in the shadows.  Results not indicative of what this camera can do.  A better result can be seen here Fuji DL Super Mini Zoom

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  • Fuji DL Super Mini Zoom with Expired Fuji 400 | Wallace Koopmans Artlog Says:

    […] The lens on the DL mini Zoom goes from 28mm at f4.5 to 56mm at f7.5  neither of these apertures are particularly fast but that is the tradeoff for a compact wide zoom.  The lens is comprised of 7 elements in 6 groups.  The camera has a good number of functions and settings for a point and shoot including manual focusing which is rare. Looking at some of my images I probably should have resorted to using manual focus particularly through glass as the active autofocus is not able to deal with that situation.  Something to be aware of is that the DL mini Zoom will take a picture if you mash the shutter down whether it has achieved focus or not.  There is +-2 stops of exposure compensation also a rarity for a point and shoot and nice for situations like backlighting and snow scenes or maybe when you want things a little darker.  This camera came out in 1999 which is twenty years ago as of this writing but honestly it looks and feels more modern than most of the digital cameras that soon followed it. A previous post on this camera can be seen here.  Fuji DL Mini Zoom […]

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