Konica c35 EF3

Konica_EF3-9105The EF3 came in a number of colours and Konica marketed it as ‘The Fashion conscious camera’ back in 1983.  Regrettably mine is plane old black but still does an admiral job.  The primary reason being the 35mm F2.8 lens with 5 elements.  As a camera with a fully automatic exposure system though you can’t select a manual aperture which can be an issue with zone focusing.  The easiest way to use zone focusing involves pre-setting it to a distance and then snapping the picture when the subject is at that distance.  In order for this to work well it requires a certain amount of leeway with the depth of field.  The problem with the EF3 as I mentioned is the lack of control of the depth of field through setting the aperture. If the camera chooses f2.8  there is a higher probability of the subject being out of focus.   However in adequate light and with a fast enough film the camera is bound to stop down the aperture and the number of in focus shots will improve as well as the optical quality.

A major limitation though is the narrow shutter speed range of 1/60 – 1/500 second which is good for reducing camera shake but again forcing the need for the larger apertures.

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