Ziess Ikon 6×6


While this Ikonta M has a rangefinder for focusing it and the viewfinder are separate which complicates and slows down the process of focusing.  There is a side benefit to this though in that the rangefinder is somewhat magnified allowing the focusing patch to be zoomed in when compared to the frame used for composition.  This enlargement affords more precise focusing which can be critical with the shallow depth of field possible with this camera and medium format film.  Another feature of this camera is that it locks out the shutter release until the film is advanced, a common feature now but not a given on older cameras.  It prevents that moment when you have to decide whether to risk double exposing an image or wasting a frame because you can’t remember if you advanced the film last time or not.


From the sharp center to the riotous distortion in the corners and the smooth out of focus backgrounds there is always something distinct happening in images from this lens.  No this camera is not going to provide a better image than what you can get with a digital camera but it is going to be different.

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