Kodak Portra 400 with the Yashica T4

_K3_2656I had this film developed at the local store but I think their chemicals may have been weak.  The negatives are much thinner than I anticipated and there is a definite colour shift that I haven’t had before from this camera or film.  That said the images turned out okay and I don’t mind the look but it re-enforces why I develop my own c41 now (Home Developing C41) .  I have no explanation for the double exposure that occurred mid roll other than to say the film didn’t advance between pictures. (Your welcome for that obvious observation)  Of the cameras in the series of Zeiss lens equipped Yashica point and shoots the T4 is certainly the best of the lot.  It’s a pretty easy chain of cameras to follow there is the Yashica T AF with a f3.5 35mm lens then the T2 the T3 and the T4 with some minor variants.    The T4 has better autofocus than the T/T2 and less vignetting than the T3  and its the most compact of the bunch. However the T3 has a faster f2.8 lens and they are more readily available and affordable than the T4.


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