Ricoh FF9-SD I can see clearly or ‘The Limited Edition Fully Automatic See Thru 35mm Panoramic Camera’


The first order of business is to correct the marketing hype on the front of the camera as I’ve stated before in this post Ricoh FF9SD the camera is not see through as much as see into and panoramic isn’t anything more that setting the focus to infinity and suppressing the flash.   What it should say on the front is that it is a good camera for taking double exposures, you just need to press the mode button until the top LCD shows M.E. (Multiple Exposure).  After you take the first image the film doesn’t advance automatically until the second image is taken it doesn’t get much easier.  There are a few other features of this camera such as an interval mode but a real missed opportunity is that despite having a cable release port it doesn’t have a bulb mode, too bad.  The images that it produces are respectable though with well controlled aberrations through its 35mm f3.5 4 element lens.   It certainly stands out as different with it’s clear plastic shell.


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