Fuji 60W


It would seem the only way to get a focused sharp image from the Fuji Zoom Date 60W is to use it in blindingly bright sunlight so that it if forced to choose a smaller aperture.  Too bad because 28-60 is a nice focal range in a point in shoot (I am on a quest to locate every 28mm or wider film point and shoot camera ever made)  Under the ideal conditions the results are pretty good but under marginal conditions the results are awful.   Some of the cameras limiting factors are that it has a slow lens of f5.0-f10 and a maximum shutter speed of 1/125 second.  Now that is a ‘slow’ top speed! at least that means it is more likely to stop down the lens than increase the shutter speed.  Good thing it only weighs 200grams.  It’s other plusses are: you can change flash settings set macro and infinity focus.  Another thing of note is that it came out in 2004 which makes it one of the last new film cameras released.


And just look at that awesome film date imprint now I will never forget when I took this picture.

An interesting little adjunct to this is that while looking through the images for this blog post my wife exclaimed ‘My grandma lived in that house!’ and a quick browse through an album yielded a picture she had taken of it about twenty five years ago. house

With notes saying they lived there for 1 year in 1939. And here it is now.

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