Fujica 450 Flash (110 film camera)


The Fujica Pocket 450 Flash is a cute little camera that uses cute little film to take its cute little pictures.  Amazingly though it has space for a flash that flips out and two AA batteries to power it.  The 20mm lens (Approximately equivalent to 40mm on 35mm film) sits behind a flat piece of glass that protects the shutter which interestingly is also in front of the lens.  The camera has a single shutter speed of 1/160 sec but does have three aperture settings each of which are perfectly round.  The focus is set at the front of the camera using a nearly flush ring so is easiest to change by placing a thumb on either side and rotating.  The camera is very nicely built not at all like most cheap 110 cameras from the time.  It even has a cable release right beside the noteworthy flush shutter button.  The viewfinder is quite large and uncluttered with anything but frame lines.  With my initial go around I missed focus or forgot to on several shots and did not take full advantage of the different apertures.  Wide open (Cloudy setting) the lens is f4.0 and with its fixed speed and 200 ASA film that equates to about 10EV  or just right for a cloudy dark  overcast day or sunset.  Any darker and its going to be under exposed or require using the flash.  In summing it up though you can’t ignore the fact that it’s a tiny little film area and if your going to use one of these minute cameras you should embrace that aspect of them.

I developed the film on a modified reel using a variation of the excellent directions provided here Fully Functional 110 Developing Reel Lomography


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