Stitching with film

The technique of joining two images together to create a larger view is mainly associated with digital photography but it can also be used with film that has been scanned into the computer.  If the intention is to provide multiple viewpoints simultaneously as in a David Hockney photo collage then using stitching software isn’t necessary.  If you want to create a seamless view however then you need some way to adjust perspective and join the images.  Here I wasn’t able to get in all of the view so I just took two pictures with the intention of stitching them later.

Now I have an image that I was unable to capture within a single frame.  I’ve used this technique in more extreme situations such as when I wanted to take a reference photo of a scene behind a construction fence.  I blindly took images while holding the camera over the fence and then later pulled them all together into a single scene which will be the basis of a painting.

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