Yashica T4 Super


I’m going to try to have a look at this camera in a more objective fashion and separate its performance from its somewhat cult status.  My first objective though was to test that it worked and for that I used some dubious outdated film.  That may not have been the greatest decision I ever made.  While the images turned out it left me with the question of whether or not the camera meters accurately because both rolls of film I used ended up being very contrasty. For both rolls I shot under dark rainy conditions as well.  It’s not all doom and gloom though the camera worked well and earned the right to have some decent film next time.

One thing about one camera: The T4 Super was available in 1993 for $129.90 today it sells on Ebay for around twice that much.  One of the few point ans shoot cameras that actually went up in value. I have no intention of ever selling it though as I consider it a gift.  Why Photography Makes you a nice person


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