The Yashica T4 or why photography makes you a nice person

It was a last-minute decision to go inside a thrift store as I drove by on my way home from the library my front seat so laden with photography books the airbag system  probably registered there was an adult sitting there.  I had been in that store before never finding any cameras that I really wanted or felt I needed.  This time though I came across a great looking Olympus Stylus Epic.  My new find in hand I went over to the glass counter to see if there were any more  to be had.  As I waited for someone to assist me a gentleman walked up nearby I could see he too had a camera he was going to purchase.  It had that champagne colour that screams ‘this is from another decade past’  I thought poor fellow he has a Minolta Big Finder or something similar while I have an Epic. I guess he saw my camera too because he came over to say hello and we exchanged the secret handshake that only camera collectors know.  I could see besides his nice jacket and carefully chosen glasses he had a well-worn canvas camera bag and it was then that I also saw that it wasn’t some 1990’s cast away camera he had but a Yashica T4 super. A desirable model of camera which I had never seen in person before.  I must have been extremely excited because after we determined that we knew of each others blogs and shared an interest in cameras he handed me the Yashica with a ‘I want you to have this’  I think I was beaming  the entire way home. And that is why cameras and photography make you a good person.  (Okay I don’t actually have proof of that but it does prove that JJ Lee is a nice person)


JJ Lee is a writer and radio host his photography related blog can be seen here The Shutter Goes Click


So now I have a Yashica T, T2 and T3 and to finish it off the Yashica T4 Super Weatherproof all fitted with their fantastic Carl Zeiss lenses.  I can hardly wait to start shooting with my new camera.


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