Canon Elph Jr. APS film


In my previous effort to scan APS film using my DSLR I broke the film container and removed the film, which it turns out is entirely unnecessary.  You can easily open an exposed roll of APS film by turning the small shaft near the opening and then turn the central shaft until the film leader comes out.


The Lens on the Elph Jr. is a 26mm f2.8 with 4 elements in 4 groups.  That 26mm on APS equates to 32.5mm on 35mm film which sits nicely between my two favourite focal lengths 28mm and 35mm (Yes I know 31.5 is actually the mean number between 28-35 don’t get all statistical on me).   The shutter goes from 2sec to 1/800 sec a versatile range of speeds although I don’t know what other apertures are available in cobination with them beyond the wide open f2.8.

Well now that it is sorted and the film is scanned lets see what this little thing can do.  The blue rectangles are an artifact of the conversion process I did when converting them from negative to positive.

More about the Elph Jr.


4 Responses to “Canon Elph Jr. APS film”

  • Cailyn Says:

    Hi! I recently came across a canon Elph jr. And I’m having the hardest time finding film for it. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • Wallace Says:

    They stopped making APS film for that camera almost 5 years ago now and the only source seems to be Ebay or similar. At some point having it developed may also become an issue. As cute as those cameras are I wouldn’t recommend spending too much money on film for it.

  • Donald Myers Says:

    I need to know we’re to buy film for the Canon Elph Jr so I buy to use my cramra thank you

  • Wallace Says:

    APS film has been discontinued since about 2012 and few places can process it anymore. Online out of date film is about the only source for it now and that will come to an end eventually.

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