Fuji Q and scanning APS film


I’m sorry Wallace I’m afraid I can’t do that.

That being scan APS film in its cartridge on a flatbed scanner.  So my solution take a picture it lasts longer.  Not everyone will have  encountered APS film so here is a little recap.  APS film is smaller than 35mm film and after developing and printing it is spooled back into its cartridge never to be seen again (That isn’t strictly true but when was the last time you took a roll of film in for re-prints).  Okay re-prints are where….. this could go on for a while so forget all that.  APS film in cartridge, needs scanning ect. ect.

The first thing that needs to be done is to get the film out of the cartridge.  Start by removing the label APS-Scanning-7551

Then crack the cartridge open APS-Scanning-7552 which will let you get at the little film nugget inside APS-Scanning-7553  The images on film look like this at this point. APS-Scanning-7554

Which may be cool and impress cell phone photographers but the orange mask necessary from optically printing the film makes everything look sickly not to mention the fact that the image is a negative.  The next thing is to take the pictures of the film, in my case I’m using a slide duplicator, a flash and the Pentax DA 35ltd macro lens all of which you should have laying around (or not).


This yields a digital image that needs to be cropped and adjusted APS-Scanning-7347 It will be a different process depending on what software you are using but it can be accomplished in Lightroom by going to the tone curve and dragging the two ends vertically to their opposite corners this has the effect of making the image a negative which it already is which makes it a positive which is good, simple right?  The next thing to do is then to drag the colour balance down to eliminate what is now a cyan cast.  After this its a basic matter of making adjustments to the image to make it look correct.  I should add though that after the manipulation of the tone curve all the levels adjustments are reversed so  things such as increasing exposure makes it darker, fun yes?  After all that you should end up with an image that looks like this which will probably make you want to pick up a digital camera unless you feel photography should be a difficult process in which case carry on.



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