Where did all the cameras go?


I suppose after the great Selfie incident in 2018 when everyone on earth posted a selfie and broke the internet, camera use was greatly curtailed.  That is the only plausible explanation for the lack of cameras in Science Fiction movies set in the future.  Oh there is a lot of surveillance going on but not much photography for the fun of it.  And it’s not just this galaxy either.  There are plenty of references to photography set in our time and the past but I’m struggling to think of any movies I have seen that are set in a future that included a person with a camera.  Is it that when thinking about the future we believe the idea of photography to be passé or perhaps superfluous considering we will all have a camera implant or maybe its that every picture really has been taken at some point.  I’m guessing that will happen pretty soon.

At least Fuji appears to continue to make film for the Mars market in 2084


Of course if you are aware of a film set in the future where photography plays any role I would be interested to know.  After all I here Endor is beautiful this time of year.

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