Konica I multiclick and multi exposure


Most cameras have a mechanism to ensure that the film is advanced to the next frame before you can release the shutter again, what a shame.  Yes that helps to make sure you don’t get a double exposure of a squirrel on your favourite aunt’s head but it prevents experimentation of multiple images stretched across the film.  Enter the Konica 1 to save the day and put that squirrel right where it belongs and provide the ability to trip that shutter as many times as you want, film advance or not.  My favourite thing to do with the Konica 1 is to take a picture then advance the film only partially and then take another each time panning from left to right.  Going from left to right is important because the image is recorded upside down and backwards on the film (That’s how lenses work).  The result is something like this.


And the other thing I like to do is take multiple exposures therefore collecting the light from different times all onto the same image.  Like this one which represent a short drive.


More experimentations with the Konica 1 can be seen here  Multiple Exposures and Multiclick

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