Pentax K-3 Timelapse (Interval Movie Mode)

I did a test of the Interval Movie mode of the Pentax K-3.  This is where you set the camera to record for a set period of time taking pictures at intervals you also set and then it automatically builds them into a movie file.  In this case I set it to record in full HD, even though 4K is an option but I don’t actually have anything to view a 4K file on and I’m not sure if my current software can handle them.  It was an interesting test and I learned a few things I will share.

Narcissus Timelapse from Wallace Ross on Vimeo.

Things I learned:

1.  One image every 30 seconds is unnecessarily often for flowers.  (the video is sped up) maybe 1 every 2 minutes would have worked here even 1 every 5min for a longer period.

2. Even though most of the light was from the fluorescent lights in the room there was a lot of variation from the light coming from a small window.

3. A fully charged battery with the 3 second review set can run the set up for about 5 hours.  (Next time I will turn the rear display completely off)

4. If you don’t want the flowers to open up before you even begin don’t bring them into a warm house.

5. While the top LCD provides some basic shooting parameters and battery level a count down timer or frame counter would be a great addition if possible.

I look forward to trying this again its a very different process than taking a single still image but it is made very easy by the Pentax K-3.  And if you’re wondering I put the music together using Sony Acid Express.



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