Vancouver Change 43 Years


I picked up a few medium format slides made by an anonymous photographer (Well they knew who they were but I don’t). They were in a box at an antique store and in fact had been there since my previous visit a year prior  The Fate of Photos.  This time looking through them I recognized that some were of the Vancouver area and had been marked as being from 1971.  I talked to the proprietor and we struck a deal.  Once home I scanned them and began looking to see where the pictures had been taken with the intent of finding the same vantage point and re-photographing the scene 43 years later.  There are many interesting images in this vein that can be seen at Changing Vancouver and the concept is also used though differently by Dear Photograph.


The fact that it was a scene that included the Iron workers memorial bridge made it quite easy to find the location.  What was most surprising thought was how little the overall scene had changed.  Sure trees have grown and obscured the view but I really expected there to be houses and development and maybe an upgraded hydro electric tower after 43 years.  The reality though was that it had changed far less than most urban places I’m aware of in that period of time.


As a final image here is the scene in 2014 taken with a camera built before 1971 it’s not a very good camera but that is an entirely different post.



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