Lost camera found


I lost this camera Fuji Cardia Everyday about a year ago or more precisely I misplaced it really well.  It was returned to me by a co-worker who found it in another co-workers vehicle where it had likely been since that terrible day (It was terrible because I it had exposures remaining).  But by now I had completely forgotten what was on the roll so there was bound to be extra surprise beyond the usual when I got the processed film back.  And there nestled mid way in the roll were two images of Copps shoe store just after it had closed and was being turned into a wedding store.


Sadly since the time of those pictures that entire building and more has burned to the ground.


Now all photographs work as a time capsule capturing a moment that is never repeated but having these come to me after being lost really brought that concept home.

2 Responses to “Lost camera found”

  • Tom Says:

    You really make some stunning pictures, with the most ordinary equipment. I really regret investing in my expensive dslr …

  • Wallace Says:

    Haha I’m not sure how much is compliment and how much is kidding but thanks Tom. I have a DSLR too 🙂

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