2013 film year in review



I shot quite a bit of film during 2013 and so I did a quick accounting to see how it broke down.

35mm Film                   70 Rolls

APS Film                       8 Rolls

Medium Format Film 3 Rolls

I also wanted to see if there was a type of camera that I had favoured over the course of the year.

Point and Shoots         28

SLR                                27

Rangefinder                 15

TLR/Zone/Misc          11

The one surprise for me was that I had used SLR’s as much as I did, but it was mostly my Pentax Z1p a very good and consistent camera so that does make sense to me.

I have every expectation that 2014 will find me using my film cameras every bit as much but maybe with even more experimentation.  I look forward to it.







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