Canon QL17


A great thing about this little rangefinder is that it can be used completely manually, neither aperture or shutter need a battery to operate.  I shot this entire roll without bothering to put a battery in it. This makes it easy to do creative metering that otherwise would cause a problem. For example I set a relatively fast shutter speed to capture the building with the neon where the exposure metering system of this or many other cameras would have caused over exposure in an attempt to expose all the darkness as if it were 18% grey.   This is a great fixed lens camera and its ‘cult’ status is well-earned. The 40mm f1.7 6 element lens is a fantastic performer with very nice soft rendering of the out of focus areas.


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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    This was a popular camera back in its day, wasn’t it? There’s a surprising amount of love for it even these days. And lots of reminiscing among older photographers.

    The neon photo and the ripped blue plastic curtains are my favourites of the set.

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