Refinery Anacortes

Just this week the Canadian government has transferred the responsibility of evaluating the impact a pipeline would have on fish and habitat from the department of fisheries to the National Energy Board. In addition Kinder Morgan has made application to the NEB ,on the same day, to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline. It seems to me they were waiting for this change before submitting their application.

The full size of this image is 60cm x 60cm. It’s a confusing mix of information as is the entire fossil fuel chain from extraction to consumption. There is also a very complicated relationship between Washington, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta when it comes to energy.  Many people drive across the Canada U.S. border to buy gas that may have originated in Alberta and crossed the border at Sumas via pipeline or in one of the 700 giant tankers that plied the BC coast from Alaska.  Oil from Alberta is refined in Washington state and trucked back into Canada to fuel jets at YVR.  Many things can be said for and against fossil fuels one thing I don’t understand though is the apparent drive to burn it all in one generation for profit.


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