Fuji Rensha Cardia 16 times the fun

Fuji_Rensha_Cardia-9803 Fuji_Rensha_Cardia-9809

I’m often looking to expand my photography beyond the bounds of a single image either through multiple exposures or image pairs.  Now I’ve found another tool the Fuji Rensha Cardia with its sixteen individual lenses.  If the dimpled shutter release button isn’t enough to indicate that it was originally intended to record your golf swing then the icon of the guy swinging a golf club should probably drain the putt.  The lenses can be released at two rapid speeds in one sequence or one at a time with the second button on the left.  The sixteen little sub frames are recorded across two standard 35mm frames.  Therefore the first frame contains the image from 1 to 4 on the top and 9 to 12 on the bottom.


I created animations from the individual images like from the image above

And experimented with the individual shutter release in images like the one bellow.   There are many more things that can be done within the 16 frames


Yes you could shoot individual pictures with some form of digital camera or phone and then stitch them together but this is at least sixteen times more fun than doing that.

I put  together a few animations that can be seen on Youtube


5 Responses to “Fuji Rensha Cardia 16 times the fun”

  • xzu Says:

    What a fun little camera this is; I’ve never seen anything quite like it before! I really enjoyed viewing your video of your animations; I think the last one was my favourite because it was so effective it made me dizzy!

  • Bob Says:

    That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in age’s.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Wallace Says:

    Thank you Bob, I had a lot of fun using that camera

  • Carolina Says:

    Hi: I wanted to check if you happen to have a copy of the manual for this camera in English? I just got one but not sure of all I can do with it. Thanks!

  • Wallace Says:

    I’m sorry I do not have a manual but the operation of the camera is not that involved it comes down to either single frame or firing all the frames in sequence at two possible speeds. It’s more about what interesting things can you come up with to do with it.

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