Fuji Q1

A small fun colourful camera that shoots 16×9 pictures and verges on being miniature. That pretty much sums it up in one sentence.
The next sentence of course should be it uses APS film which hasn’t been produced for several years.


More about this camera Fuji Nexia Q1

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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    That is quite the colourful little camera ­čÖé

  • Canon Elph LT | Wallace Koopmans Artlog Says:

    […] That is of course a 35mm film canister which it does not use (It’s an APS camera).┬á The camera is so light and small it can easily be slipped into a coat pocket or an empty crevice in a camera bag.┬á┬á Unfortunately┬áthis camera will very soon be a film orphan as the world-wide stocks of expired APS film dwindle but at least I gave it one good run before it goes into the cabinet of curios beside the Fuji Q1 […]

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