Ricoh 35EFS


If it’s that 1980′s vibe your after this camera will match your feathered hair nicely just don’t get it caught between the sides of your water-bed.  The Ricoh 35 EFS is very simple to operate. All exposure is automatic, the flash is turned on by you and you focus be selecting a little icon on the lens barrel.  I mean how well do you want the camera focused on that mix tape in your hand anyway.  So yes it’s built to look like a rangefinder of the 1970′s but it’s all plastic like the 80′s and is on the large side just like your shoulder pads.  The lens is a 40mm f2.8 with 3 groups and 4 elements.  Seriously though this is like totally the camera I would take in a Delorean at 88 miles an hour.


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  • daveh Says:

    hey, these are some of your best photos i’ve seen for the film look lately, nice dynamic range, what’d you use for film, this camera seems to have a nice lens too.

  • Wallace Says:

    This was just cheap no name drug store film but I believe it to be Fuji Superia 400 stock

  • Krou Says:

    Hi, i bought this camera 1 month ago, and i really want to know how it works, i read the manual but i dont really understand haw to take well the photos, how to know if it s focused my pic, help me if you can thanks in advance

  • Wallace Says:

    Put batteries and film in it. Set the ASA at the front of the lens and focus using the icons for the distance scale and your good to go. It really is that simple.

  • Nat Says:

    Hi! I just bought this camera and wondering if i load the film roll correctly. The take-up spool turns right but I watched film loading tutorial on Youtube and most of them are tuning left to right. But once I loaded it and press on shutter and wind the film, the film rewind knob does turn. Does it mean that I have loaded it right?

    Thanks :)

  • Wallace Says:

    I cant recall at the moment which direction the spool turns but as long as the film leader is in the slot and the sprockets are engaging the film it should be good. When you first load the roll turn the film rewind crank to take up some slack and then if everything is working it should turn each time as you advance to the next frame.

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