Pentax Super Program, Oops

The oops comes from the fact that I tried the Pentax DFA100 macro WR lens with the Pentax Super Program, these pictures are not from that lens. smcpentaxdfamacro100mmf28wr

The smc PENTAX D FA 100mm F2.8 WR Macro doesn’t have an aperture ring but relies on the camera body to adjust the aperture. That is not a problem when using it with a DSLR or even a more modern film camera. The Super Program though is not one of these it indicates a particular aperture in the viewfinder but that doesn’t correspond with the lens setting. This fact makes this type of lens/camera combination incompatible. The images I took are terribly due to underexposure, it seems that the lens was completely stopped down as far as possible f32. It does work very well with my Pentax PZ1p though.


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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    I’m facing a related problem, I really want to use my DA21Ltd with my Fuji. I already have a cheap adapter, but it doesn’t control the aperture. The adapter that does aperture control is $300+ (for an aluminium tube, I really should start making some camera accessories)! Seems a shame, but it looks like I won’t be using that one for a while.

  • Wallace Says:

    The only reason I never bought the DA21ltd was I have the DA12-24

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