Pentax Q Fish-eye


While a fish-eye lens is not something you would want to use too often. Much like a hammer isn’t always the right tool, there are times when it is. What really distinguishes this camera lens combination is the fact that it fits in a coat pocket.

Focusing is completely manual and instead of a distance scale there are tiny division marks. Because of the ability to focus from mere inches to infinity while only turning the focus ring about 30 degrees it can be challenging to achieve sharp focus. Using the zoom in while focusing feature of the camera aides this greatly. For other lenses with shallower depth of field, focus peaking is great but with this lens it is not as useful. I also find it a draw back that the lens can be turned past infinity focus, in fact infinity focus is reached at only 3/4 of the total movement. It seems to be best to leave the focus set near the infinity setting and only make adjustments for extreme close ups.

My biggest problem while using this lens though is that I constantly ruin shots by including my hands in the image. It’s so small that it is easy to find after the fact a finger sausage in an image corner. Moving my hands is something I still need to train myself to do after focusing.


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