Zeiss Icon 6×9 at the Museum of Anthropology

When I visited the Museum of Anthropology a few months ago I took my Zeiss Icon medium format camera with me.  The reason for the camera choice is that the distortion of the antique Zeiss lens adds to the vintage look, which is what I was after. 

Carver: Mungo Martin 1951

Carver: Bill Reid with Doug Cranmer

Carver: Bill Reid with Doug Cranmer

Inside the MOA great hall

 Wuikinuxv  house post from Rivers, Inlet B.C.

And finally here is a picture of my Mother from 1961 in Victoria.  I believe that the man in the hat in the background is Mungo Martin although I don’t know where the pole being carved ended up.

3 Responses to “Zeiss Icon 6×9 at the Museum of Anthropology”

  • Duncan Says:

    That lens is nasty, so much fall off around the centre. Perfect for you and your vintage approach

  • Wallace Says:

    Thanks Duncan I had been reading some books on carved poles and many of the pictures from the late 1880’s taken with what must have been large format cameras had a certain look. This was the closest I could get to that. I also used my Voigtlander but its lens is a lot better.

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Definitely a case where the camera is suited to the subject. The first photo is my favourite, every element seems to come perfectly together.

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