Olympus Trip

The Olympus Trip is a very interesting camera for several reasons. It does not require a battery because it has a selenium meter around the lens that powers all the automatic metering functions. It’s a zone focus camera so you need to estimate the distance to your subject. These two things together make a camera that is very good at being always ready. There is no worrying about exposure, it’s out of your control, and if you pre-focus to a set distance then it’s easy to snap a picture the moment you want without any delays. It’s also relatively small and a nice design that the newer mirror-less Olympus camera’s owe a nod to. It has a 40mm lens that is a nice compromise of a focal length not to wide and not to long, just right. There is a lot of information about this camera if you just ask the the all knowing internet, so I won’t cover that but I just wanted to reiterate how easy it is to use and the results from it can be decent.

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