OK I only have the vaguest of ideas of what I just referenced but it sounds good.  I took some more images with the 200mm 1:3.5 Takumar as well as the  55mm 1:1.8 SMC Takumar mounted to my Pentax K10D.   The 200mm lens has 18 aperture blades that form a near circle.  Contrast this to a lens with only 5 blades and you can see the reason why the out of focus areas are so smooth and have that quality referred to as good Bokeh. 

Being an older lens it doesn’t have the coatings the help to mitigate internal reflections and flare so I’ve used that fact to highlight it and give that feel of yesteryear to some of my images.  I will show some more images in a future post.

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  • dave Says:

    wow, i like that photo, of the buds and leaves, that’s really nice, don’t think you could get any better bokeh out of the fa31 . 18 blades, they don’t make em like that anymore do they?

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Technical perfection is great, and a good thing to strive for. But that is not who we are, it is our flaws and imperfections that give us character.

    Like us, so too the results from our gear. It is all well and good to produce a photo Steve Jobs would put as a wallpaper for one of his products. More interesting to me are the characterful images that come from this type of equipment, full of technical imperfections . . . and, of course, character.

    Good stuff, love the coining of the new phrase, we have to make sure you get credit for that one 🙂

  • Wallace Says:

    Then you guys should like the other images that are in tommorows post 🙂

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