Pentax 24EW with Portra 400


The Pentax 24EW remains a camera that seems to find its way into my bag when I travel.  It’s not that it has a fantastic telephoto capability and its not because it’s small and light (195g), there is one reason and one reason only and that is that it has that 24mm wide angle.  I really like 32mm wide angles and I like 28mm wide angles even more so it stands to reason that I would like 24mm the most.  It has a 7 point passive autofocus system which works very well under almost every situation that you would use a camera like this however if necessary you can set it to spot focus or infinity for landscapes.  The lens while going from 24 to 105mm has apertures of 4.9 to 12.5 and is constructed from 7 elements this is of course the compromise that you make in order to have a lens like this in your pocket.  The first image in the gallery was under very low light and at 24mm which shows the most extreme example of vignetting you will get from this camera.   I’ve posted numerous times about this camera before Pentax 24EW

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