Minolta Autopak Tele (460T) 110 film camera

Most 110 film cameras are notable for their lack of notability but the Minolta Autopak 460T is an exception particularly due to its lens(s).  It has a 26mm f3.5 and a 43mm f4.7 lens when set to telephoto. It does only  have a fixed shutter speed of 1/200 second but the apertures can be stopped down to f8 for the normal lens and f13.2 when set to Tele as well as some value in-between which I’m not certain of  but if your using 110film you cant be that choosy.

I’ve always struggled with scanning 110 film.  I’ve tried holding it flat on my scanner with little success and I’ve tried using a modified slide duplicator but this time I just laid it out on a piece of frosted plexiglass and took pictures of it with a macro lens lighting it from behind with a flash.  The results are much better although they need to be converted from a negative to positive and colour corrected something my primary image management software Lightroom is not well suited for.  Negative_Conversion

However here is a Lightroom preset you can use as a starting point if you choose to attempt something similar.  Negative Conversion Template

Just place this file in the user presets folder for Lightroom and the next time you launch Lightroom it can be found under user presets.

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