Minolta V2


The Minolta V2 doesn’t have a light meter and that’s probably just as well because a  60 year old meter isn’t likely to be that accurate if it works at all.  Setting the aperture and shutter for a certain light level then is up to you.  There are a couple restrictions when you go over 1/500 of a second.  At 1/1000 second the maximum aperture you can use is f4 and at 1/2000 it is f8 but if there is enough light for the film your using no other camera from the time comes close to as fast a shutter speed.



Of course they fail to offer any ideas as to how you are going to get close enough to a ‘jet air plane’ to take a picture of it in flight with a 45mm lens. (P.S. that’s a Lockheed 104 which was a supersonic jet from around 1958)

In addition to having a high shutter speed available the lens on the Minolta V2 is excellent not just for the time but even today.  The maximum aperture of f2 is decently fast and the lens has very good correction of aberrations.  In particular chromatic aberrations such as colour fringing around high contrast areas.  Combing through the various rolls of film I have shot with this camera I cant really find an example of it.


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