Olympus OM1 with Kodak Portra 160


Over time I’ve managed to put together what I think is a nice little Olympus OM1 kit with a 28mm, 50mm f1.8 (Of course), a 35-70 zoom and a 200mm f4 telephoto.  Not comprehensive but small enough yet versatile.  I loaded up the OM1 with some Kodak Portra 160 and  pointed it at some stuff.  Back in the early 1980’s this kit would have cost around $700 but now they can be found at just a fraction of that.  As an all mechanical camera I don’t bother with a battery and shoot it without a meter, using a digital camera instead as a pre-exposure test if necessary.   More about the OM1 in this post OM1 Metering in case you want to use the meter though you’ll need to find a 1.35V PX625 battery if you want it to be accurate.



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